Reputation Management Company

Reputation Management Company

Online reputation management is the single weapon you can use to push the marketing campaign forward. 67% of all consumers get significant influence about their buying decision online and will turn away from a seller with minimal negative reviews.

A reputation management company controls your online image when you start getting small attacks and negative comments that do not seem to affect the business. Our job is to prevent these minor issues from escalating into bigger ones, which eventually get you a low rating and a permanently damaged reputation.

Reputation management goes farther than replying to a couple of negative comments. We maintain transparency, take care of minor complaints and communicate the customer feedback to you for further analysis. We aim to keep the interaction as organic as possible, so prospective clients trust the business to have their best interest at heart.

Benefits of hiring a reputation management company

Increase sales

People will compare many different reviews before engaging with your business. You want to find a company that sells exactly what they advertise and ensure that other customers can attest to the positive experience. We find negative reviews and add corrective comments, so customers have a better perspective about your business.

Build authority

Building an online authority is an entirely different task in digital marketing. We incorporate many different techniques, including content marketing and video SEO, to get you in a recognizable position. A consistently high authority should get your business ahead of the industry’s moguls and a high customer retention rate.

It is good to note that the best reputation management companies will not see every negative review at the publishing time. However, we make sure negative reviews do not become viral and damage the existing marketing system.

Attract top talent and investors


The success of the business lies in the workforce and clientele community. The qualifications of your staff will determine how they interact with clients and advance the marketing scheme.

A business with excellent reputation management services will always attract great talents that propel the business to new heights. Top talents are not always in a hurry to accept offers or make job applications; hence they are unlikely to work for a company with a poor reputation. IQ Waterloo takes heed of what your business says online and ensures the content is relevant for clients and prospective clients.


Similarly, investors will do thorough investigations about your business before parting with their capital. A business that suffers from a poor reputation will also suffer slow growth because it lacks adequate resources. A good reputation is equivalent to free investment pitches to potential clients; hence you should only work with a reputation management company that understands the conditions at stake.

Reputation management agencies have advanced tools and skills to identify your strengths and weaknesses. We draw on the qualitative insight to find healthy ways of attracting powerful reviews. Get in touch with us at 888-330-5553 to learn more about reputation management services and supplementary packages with SEO, PPC, and Google Ads.  



Reputation Management Company

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