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talk radio shows St Pete

talk radio shows St Pete

With the death of analog radio hundreds of thousands of national podcasts, it can be challenging to host talk radio shows in St Pete through. Obtaining an audience in the age of information requires intricate planning and access to interested people. Networks such as Helium Radio make attracting listeners simpler.

How can content networks help me distribute a local talk show?

Content networks maintain access to an engaged an active audience. Many of the people who congregate to these platforms may be from your local area.

Even if your local market is not present initially, access to listeners helps push locals to your show. Search algorithms rely heavily on organic search and branding. By standing out among a broader audience and driving people to your content, you, in turn, bring others to your information by standing out in results pages.

A content network such as ours goes beyond the online platform. We help locals attract attention in their community through multiple mediums. Our articles for artist Duncan McClellan appeared in St. Pete Life Magazine, the town where he owns a gallery.

The artist's podcast helped bolster his new gallery in the Warehouse Arts District of the city. His show attracts artists and locals alike.

Why should I create an online podcast targeting my local audience?

Traditional radio is dying. A 2017 New York University survey found that prime audience members between the ages of 18 and 35 principally obtain entertainment and information from elsewhere. Only 19 percent of listeners ages 19 to 24 used radio. This was a 28 percent drop over the previous year.

Instead, digital platforms are thriving. Most people in the 18 to 35 cohort prefer social networks such as YouTube for information and listen to music and podcasts over Pandora and Spotify.

The prevalence of online radio offers unparalleled choice. Listenership in this medium grew by over 20 percent between 2010 and 2019. Meanwhile, content creators provided more than 660,000 podcasts in 2018.

It is entirely possible to target your local audience through an online podcast. This requires a multi-media approach which in turn brings your message to homes and even vehicles. A growing number of automobiles are now internet capable.

By using social media, mediums such as popular magazines in your area, websites, and even your podcast when placed in front of a relevant yet broader audience, you can attract the local consumer base you desire. We help artists, connoisseurs, and pharmacists distribute their content.

Helium radio makes it easy to find a local audience. We help our clients through multi-channel marketing and content creation while granting you access to over 4,000,000 audience members. You can use your dedicated channel to promote your message, content, or cause.

Our clients include Beauty and the Burg, a St Pete activism talk show, and medical professionals over the Pharmacy Podcast Network. Contact our team today to find out how we help talk radio shows in St Pete thrive.

talk radio shows St Pete
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talk radio shows St Pete
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